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Sally Mae Student Loans

Consider Sally Mae Student Loans if you are having trouble getting enough money from the Federal Government. The SLM Corporation, which is often referred to as Sallie Mae or Sally Mae, began operations in 1972 as a government-sponsored organization to provide student loans and has ballooned since then. Since 1997, it is has been increasingly privatizing operations; and now no longer has a government charter.

Sally Mae is now both a Fortune 500 company and a Forbes 500 company; and has been widely recognized as an “excellent corporate citizen,” although it has previously run into some serious problems with scandal.

For those who cannot get enough funding through the Federal government, Sally Mae student loans may be a decent alternative. As the single largest student loan company in the United States, they have the capacity and ability to provide lowest-rate loans to students.

Before you seek out Sally Mae Student Loans, you should first apply for federal government funding through a FAFSA.

If your expected family contribution turns out to be unusually high, you will want to consider a private loan and Sally Mae Loans very well could be your best option.

When searching for Sally Mae Loans, you may find that they do not have an office in your area. This is often the case if they have a subsidiary working in your region; it wont go by the same name, but it will still offer Sally Mae Student Loans, which are guaranteed by the Federal government.

You can get a list of these subsidiaries in your region from the Sally Mae website. Additionally, you may find that there are other lending organizations in your area that offer rates that are comparable to Sally Mae Student Loans.

Many non-profit organizations may offer to give you rates similar to that of the federal student loan rate. If that is the case, you will want to accept these rates over a Sally Mae Student Loan.